Quote of the decade

"As a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Sierra Leone, I like to get my fix of plasas from time to time. Luckily my work often takes me to DC, where I can indulge in the basics like cassava leaf, potato leaf, krain krain (jute leaves), fufu with okra sauce, jollof rice, and ground nut stew at Sumah's. CHers, is there anything similar in the greater Boston area? Bonus points if you can find me a source of sawa sawa."

In the spirit of such people as the former peace corps volunteer quoted above, this Internet outlet uses a bottom up approach to community service and focuses on local entities such as townships, cities and regions as a building block.

The website adds to excellent work done by existing websites by engaging community minded persons as active, committed resources in a list. We painstakingly build this list to ensure shared ownership, hence the strongest sense of community possible.  Because this site builds a strong community, it provides a ready market for businesses as well as other concerns interested in the Sierra Leonean experience.  In short this website is committed to building a reliable willing community that is able to tap into its own resources for its own good.

Our foremost goal is to provide services that enable  businesses, community leaders, organizations, families, individual Sierra Leoneans reach needed  resources and reduce the burden of their daily ups and downs.  Whether you are a business trying to showcase your products, a greaving family trying to reach out to the community,  or a bachelor missing his favourite dish, this is your go-to place.
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The authors of this website have long observed Sierra Leoneans strive to organize activities around their comfort zones by  engaging mostly those in their immediate cycle.  This misses the point of community and begs of a more efficient way to communicate in this  century.  The web site seeks to bring the Sierra Leone community together by  providing a one-stop location where all and sundry will   interact in a cost effective  manner